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Hope Academy - The educational component of House of Hope Minnesota


  Residents attend school five days per week throughout their stay at House of Hope. This programming allows them to continue working towards meeting graduation requirements. Because of the structure and year round/individualized component, those who have fallen behind in school are able to make up missed courses. 

  We have a full-time teacher on staff and use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.  This curriculum is Biblically based and individually assigned. 

  Each student is assigned PACE’s in the areas of Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Literature.  These assignments are determined with transcripts from their previous school and the Diagnostic Test results.  A PACE is equivalent to a chapter in a textbook. The PACE includes reading material, activities, reviews, self-tests and unit tests.  To earn a credit in a course, the student must complete twelve PACE packets in a subject with an 80% accuracy rate. 

  Physical Education is also done individually through the YMCA as well as collectively with group recreational activities. 

  A Living Skills credit is earned through the daily living skills taught every day through meal prep, household chores, laundry, and simple maintenance.

  The atmosphere in the classroom varies from focused and intense, to light-hearted and fun. 

  Through their academic work and behavior, the residents earn Merit dollars which are redeemed at the Merit Store. Items ranging from pens, pencils, and office supplies, to candy, make-up, and weekend drinks.  Outings with the teacher are always fun merits to redeem, for both the student and the teacher! 

  Each day is an adventure, filled with the expected and unexpected for all involved.


Hope Academy - Testimonies from kids

  "I like that we can go at our pace because it allows me to be responsible for my own progress."

  "When I came to House of Hope I was in 8th grade doing math at a 6th grade level.  Now I am starting algebra."

  "I was so far behind when I came to House of Hope that I didn’t think I would ever graduate.  Now I’m a college student."

  "House of Hope gave me the opportunity to start college earlier and do volunteer work in a kindergarten class to explore my desired field."

  "I like the independence."

  "We like our teacher.  She is nice, very funny, and helpful."


"I am excited about the new chapter that has opened in my life: teaching at HOHM.  My name is Jessica Williams and I have a passion to grow in my faith and understanding of Christ and believe God has placed a calling on my heart to encourage others to learn and grow as well. I look forward to seeing God heal the girls at HOHM and am blessed to be a part of this amazing ministry! "

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